Tips to Resurface Concrete

It is true that resurfacing concrete is quite easy. However, if you are busy or not confident enough to do the job, you can always hire professionals such as concrete contractor Naperville to do the job for you. Take time to prepare the things that you will need and allow plenty of time to cure. To help you, here are some tips to resurface concrete. 


    Prepare the Surface 

You must not even consider applying a resurfacing agent until the structural problems have been addressed if your concrete surface is not structurally sound. Resurfacing can be effective as long as you first repair the damage if you have minor cracks or pits. 

    Clean the Surface 

It is crucial that the entire concrete surface must be cleaned of all loose debris. A good pressure washing can be really effective but a strong spray from a garden hose may suffice. It is recommended by the manufacturers to use a washer with a power washing of 3500 psi. 

It is also important that you remove any oil stains, paint, or tree sap from the concrete. For cleaning stains, this method is also helpful. Consider applying a sealer over the stain if that fails to get all the stain out. 

    Mix It Up 

It is advisable that you mix one bag at a time.     Mix with a ½ inch drill and paddle mixer for best results. 3 ½ quarts of water is usually needed by one 40 pound bag. You must use cold water in warmer temperature and warm water in cool temperatures. 

Into a clean 5 gallon plastic bucket, pour most of the water. The contents of a 40-pound bag of a resurfacing agent must be emptied and put into the bucket; the next thing to do is mix for several minutes into a smooth and pourable consistency. 

Let the contents standby for a few minutes, and then start mixing again. If necessary to create a pourable mix with the consistency of syrup, add a little more water or resurfacing agent.  

    Wet It Down 

Pour the resurfacing agent onto an already moistened surface so that the concrete will not draw any moisture out of the mixed resurfacing agent. Give the surface a good, cooling spray using a house, and then sweep any standing water off the surface prior to applying the resurfacing agent. 

    Apply the Resurfacing Agent 

Pouring a small amount on the surface and then quickly start spreading it evenly with a light, long-handled squeegee is the easiest method to apply concrete resurfacing agent. If you can get to them within the first 15 to 20 minutes of application, you can create clean, professional looking edges with a concrete edger. 

    Scuff the Surface 

It will create a smooth surface if the resurfacing agent is allowed to cure without any finishing touches. It is less desirable on a driveway, sidewalk or patio surface because the smooth finish can be slippery when wet. 

    Let it Cure 

It hardens and become stronger as the concrete cures. You can wait for at least 8 hours before you walk on its surface and 24 hours before you drive on it. 

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Trees: Lifeblood of the Environment

It is a common knowledge that trees are very important for not only for our environment but also for ourselves. From the very moment that we were born, trees and other plants have already proven themselves as essentials parts of our lives. Our very existence is made possible because of them. It can even be said to some extent that the trees are the ones providing us life.


Aside from its ability to give us life, there are still other things that trees can do that are very beneficial to the environment. For instance, trees can combat climate change. Although, there are some people that do not believe in climate change, the fact that there is a rapid decline of the state of our environment cannot be changed. As we all know that this gradual change in the environment is brought about by human actions. There are more factories in the world than one could count, which are emitting dangerous carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air that traps the heat within the earth. This then causes an increase in temperature which in turn could prove to be very dangerous as we are actually experiencing right now. This where the roles of the trees become very important. Trees can actually absorb carbon dioxide at the same time release the much-needed oxygen.

Another obvious use of trees is their ability to shade people from direct sunlight. Sunlight does carry nutrients however after a certain period of time it instead of nutrient it will actually carry ultra-violet rays. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are very dangerous for humans. It can cause skin cancer. However, trees can reduce exposure to ultra-violet rays by fifty percent if you are under their shade.

Having trees near homes and buildings can also help in conserving energy. Since trees provide shade and actually trap cool air within a certain area, your house will become significantly cooler if you have trees nearby. This then means that you will be able to cut back the use of air conditioners and in turn help in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released by power plants that supply your electricity.

Trees can not only help when it comes to our health and decrease energy consumption, it can also increase the value of the property where it stands. It adds a certain aesthetic value to the property and according to some survey, it has the ability to increase the value up to twenty percent.

These are only some the reasons why we must plant trees not only on forests but also on our very own backyards. However, some could grow extremely tall and big so upkeep becomes difficult. But there are companies which provide services when it comes to tree care and maintenance. An example of which is TreeBien Tree Care. These types of companies offer various services that involve tree pruning, removal of fallen trees due to storms, and much more. That’s why it is no longer a hassle to maintain trees in our backyards.

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